About Escape the Agent

About us4

Escape the Agent is an online property portal where customers can advertise their properties for rent or sale at one of the lowest
monthly fees in the market (from £19 per month!).

Because property adverts are completely self-managed and created by the customer, Escape the Agent has much lower overheads than its competitors. This allows the ‘no strings attached’ monthly fee to be one of the lowest in the market.

Once your property is advertised, interested parties can contact you directly to arrange viewings and finalise the sale or let of the property.

With no hidden costs, Escape the Agent aims to change the way people, buy, sell, rent and let properties for the future.

Our Story3

After having experience of Estate agents and letting agents we knew there was a place in the market for Escape the agent.

We thought of the concept back in June 2014 and it took 9 months to get it from an idea one evening over a few glasses of wine to sitting down seriously, laying down our plans, visiting the bank, finding a good website designer and explaining our ideas.

We are totally committed and believe in Escape the Agent, we will do everything in our power to advertise and market it wherever we can.

Meet the Team

Kim DuckworthKim Duckworth - Escape the Agent

Kim lives in Kent and is married with two grown up children and two grandsons. She works full time and has experience in all aspects of office management from stock control through to finance.

My first job was in a sterile area in a pharmaceutical company where I had to work in full clean room uniform, a boiler suit, face mask, hat and boots.  It was a great job and I met my husband there too. 

After a while I got fed up with not being able to wear makeup and having my hair squashed in a cap so moved to the offices doing purchasing.  I went from there to a house builders and from there to an office furniture company.  

I started work as a computer operator there in 1980 and stayed there on and off until 2003 when it closed.  I stayed in Office furniture and computer systems for the next seven years.  Six years ago I joined a local company and with my previous experience of back end office processes looked after the operations department.

Debbie is my niece and we’ve known each other all her life. We socialise regularly and it was one of these social evenings that got us talking about and creating Escape the Agent.  We took quite a while deciding on a name and a logo and are really pleased with the results.  We are working really hard to promote and market Escape the Agent and its property portfolio. We are incredibly  passionate about the business and the benefits it provides our customers.’

Debbie Down

Debbie Down - Escape the Agent

Debbie lives in Kent and has recently moved home. She is married and has two young children. She works part time and has experience in professional boxing management, legal, marketing and accounts.

‘My career began in the professional boxing circles, firstly working for the British Boxing Board of Control and then moving on to work for various Managers and Promoters such as Panos Eliades and Frank Maloney.

It was a great job working on televised boxing shows and travelling up and down the country.  I eventually left the boxing fraternity to become a legal secretary at Linklaters LLP in London, lasting 5 years.

Not long after having the first of my two children, I took the leap back into the boxing community.  I still dip my toes in the boxing waters nowadays in the capacity of the Commonwealth Boxing Council, but my career is now predominantly dedicated to making Escape the Agent a success.

Kim is not only my Aunt but one of my best friends. We love to socialise together and for the past year have absolutely loved working together. We share the same enthusiasm and drive for Escape the Agent and I am sure she would agree we make a great team.

So now with a supportive husband and two young children, I look to the future with great optimism for Escape the Agent. I really do believe Escape the Agent offers a great, cost-effective solution to overcome the ever increasing fees Estate Agents are charging.

I love helping our customers sell, let, buy and rent properties in a much more cost-effective way.’