Tips for Moving home in London in association with Safe Removals

February 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Other than divorce or bereavement, it’s said that moving house is the most stressful event we are ever likely to experience. However, with a little forward planning, it’s possible to minimise the risk of things going wrong and stay smiling.simply choose the best removals in London

Taking the stress out of moving home in London – our TOP TIPS:

Before you move…

Inform the world

Obvious as it may seem, people frequently forget to let suppliers and service providers know they are moving house. People you should inform include electricity, gas, water, phone and internet providers, banks, credit card and loan companies, doctors, dentists, opticians, insurers, council tax offices, employers, schools, mobile phone, satellite and cable providers, DVLA, HM revenue & Customs, TV licensing, etc. Remember that to ensure uninterrupted phone line and internet connection, it is important to inform your provider well in advance of your moving date. Settle any outstanding accounts with newsagents, food suppliers, etc, and cancel any orders or subscriptions. Send change of address cards to friends and family.

If possible, ask the former occupier to leave you a fact file. This should include information on heating systems, appliances, rubbish / recycling collection, stopcocks, burglar alarms, local services, etc. Also compile a fact file for whoever is moving into your former home. It will be appreciated!

Plan your move

Employ a reputable removal company. The last thing you need is to be let down on the day. At Safe Removals we pride ourselves on delivering a dependable, friendly and economical service at all times. As well as providing London removals , we offer packing and unpacking, crate hire, secure storage and dismantling and reassembling services. Check your home contents insurance policy to ensure it covers you for moving home , removals in London. This is something we can arrange for you if you are not covered. Arrange for permission / access for removal vans to park outside both properties on the day you move. Once again, if required, this is something we can arrange on your behalf. If required, obtain a resident parking permit for your car/s.

The day you move…

Arrange for small children and pets to be looked after; gather all spare keys and hand them to the appropriate person; empty your fridge and freezer. Disconnect your dishwasher and washing machine and ensure the drum is secured with travel brackets. If you’re renting or vacating a furnished property, carefully check the inventory and ensure it is signed by the agent or landlord. Take final readings of electricity, gas and water meters in the property you are vacating; take opening readings of all meters at your new property, and advise your utility providers.

And finally…

Introduce yourself to your new neighbours. It’s a nice gesture and gets everyone off on the right foot!